The Story of My Life through The Best Songs Ever

Well, there’s a title to get the twitter bots to follow me! As anyone who has ever played or sung with me in a band will tell you, I can’t remember lyrics. I wouldn’t stand a chance on the X-Factor/American Idol/The Voice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the fifth or the five hundredth time, or … Read moreThe Story of My Life through The Best Songs Ever

Blog Re-Booted?

I’ve been feeling the nudge to get back into blogging. Which I’m sure all of you avid MinisterMoo readers are very excited about. So, watch this space. I’m going to play with the layout and stuff and then might consider posting something. Soon. Perhaps.


We’re about half-way through the three weeks of 24-7prayer in Belfast City Centre, thought you might like to know about it if you hadn’t heard of it yet! You can drop in anytime from 9am to 10pm, the room is beside Eason’s on Donegall Place.

Dishwasher Day

One of the hardest days of the Carbon Fast is upon us – Don’t Use the Dishwasher Day! The purchase of our dishwasher was one of the best decisions we ever made for our sanity, work-life balance, back aches and general peace in the house. But it is indeed a huge user of electricity: combined … Read moreDishwasher Day


Good evening and welcome to Pancake Tuesday! Or Shrove Tuesday. Or, if you’re in America, Super-Duper Tuesday. Mardi Gras is the day before Ash Wednesday, when the Church enters a period of self-discipline called Lent. A time for prayer and fasting, for solemn reflection on the state of our community and soul. This year, in … Read morePancakes

Follow the Star

I thought I’d let you know that the Aldersgate Prayer Room is open 24-7 for two weeks (Mon-Fri) starting today. You can sign up for an hour or more at The theme is ‘Follow the Star’, a exploration of the nativity story. Make some time for your soul this Advent!