Good evening and welcome to Pancake Tuesday! Or Shrove Tuesday. Or, if you’re in America, Super-Duper Tuesday.

Mardi Gras is the day before Ash Wednesday, when the Church enters a period of self-discipline called Lent. A time for prayer and fasting, for solemn reflection on the state of our community and soul.

This year, in addition to the annual sacrifice of foregoing Audrey’s scones (which is a HUGE sacrifice, let me tell you!) Kathryn and I are going to give Tear Fund’s Carbon Fast a go. Wash the dishes one day instead of using the dishwasher. Don’t use the car one day. Take out a lightbulb tomorrow and replace it on Easter Sunday. These are good ideas! And we need to do something to put a stop in our addiction to consuming fossil fuels…

Why not give it a go?

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