Ask, Seek, Knock

It’s a beautiful morning and I’m sitting outside with coffee and breakfast in the sunshine before the noise of the day starts. It’s a Bank Holiday weekend. It should be the perfect, relaxing day… However, it’s not! Even sitting in the sunshine that’s warm already at 8.30am there’s no escaping what’s going on in the … Read moreAsk, Seek, Knock

Preacher, Preach to Yourself

On Remembrance Sunday 2016 I was standing at the war memorial in Ballynahinch, chatting with another minister before the Remembrance Ceremony about getting ready for the birth of our fourth child, who was due almost a month later. Little did we know, that by the following Sunday the baby would be born and our eldest … Read morePreacher, Preach to Yourself

12 Practical Tips On How To Do What Jesus Wants Us To Do

In January the Methodist Church in Ireland encouraged us to consider the theme, “Covenant and Choosing” so we could take extra time on the meaning and impact of the ‘Covenant Prayer‘. The third service focused on Christ at the Centre, using Luke 10:1-12. What follows is an excerpt of the script I was working from … Read more12 Practical Tips On How To Do What Jesus Wants Us To Do