Dishwasher Day

One of the hardest days of the Carbon Fast is upon us – Don’t Use the Dishwasher Day!

The purchase of our dishwasher was one of the best decisions we ever made for our sanity, work-life balance, back aches and general peace in the house.
But it is indeed a huge user of electricity: combined with the tumble dryer, we’d use a lot less carbon if we permanently fasted from these utilities.
So if you see me, make sure you ask whether or not I washed a load by hand rather than pushing the button.

3 thoughts on “Dishwasher Day

  1. Seeing as my slowdown in posting over the last few months has obviously resulted in killing off any sort of audience for my blog, I thought I’d report here to myself that I did indeed wash a load of dishes.

    Took forever!

  2. Well done Ross. I am seriously hoping that picture is an internet picture and not real because it actually i smaking me feel ill…and I dont even have a dishwasher!!

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