Blog Re-birthed

I’ve been typing up random ponderings since starting ministry training at Edgehill Theological College way back in 2005. That was pre-facebook, pre-twitter, pre-pretty much everything social media. A blog was the only way to self-publish online apart from coding up your own website in HTML and CSS. Posts were much more frequent while I was in college, understandably reducing once we were out on circuit. I used Blogger all that time but Google haven’t put much work into updating it in recent years so it was time to move home to WordPress.

Therefore, welcome to, the new home for the Random Moos archive and occasional new posts. Kathryn and I will pop stuff up here when 280 characters (on twitter) aren’t enough!

1 thought on “Blog Re-birthed

  1. Thinking of you
    You are in our thoughts and prayers
    Sending you Love and blessings

    Rosemary and Billy Dorman

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