MinisterMoo – once upon a time, I was a member of a four-person gap year team that travelled the island of Ireland on behalf of the Methodist Church in Ireland: the Team On Mission. We spent a lot of time in the middle of large groups of noisy children, and as we didn’t have a whistle I sometimes would ‘moo’ instead (one of the pluses of growing up in the countryside is that you get to ‘moo’ at grazing cattle from time to time). This drew the nickname from a few people over the following years of “Mister Moo”. When I candidated for the Methodist ministry, one wag started calling me “Minister Moo”… so when it came to finding a twitter handle that no-one else had used, “ministermoo” was better than rossh1027583squiggle.

The enflamed celtic cross – during a training session at Edgehill College, our class was invited to do some sort of reflection with a big piece of flipchart paper. I’m afraid I can’t remember what it was related to! But I ended up sketching the image that’s on each page of this site – a trinity of symbols: the circle represents Father who created the world; the empty cross for Jesus the risen Son, and; the flame for the purifying, empowering work of Holy Spirit. We are called to serve the creative, redeeming, empowering God in worship, community and mission.