I Guess I’m a Minister Now

Thirteen years ago I felt a call to be a Methodist minister (if you discount the many times before that when my grannies told me it was going to happen). Yesterday it actually happened! I have the bible to prove it 🙂

To those of you who are not ministers, it may disappoint you somewhat that I don’t feel much different to Saturday. In my mind I’m still eighteen, loving God and doing my best to serve him by loving people. In reality I’m a husband, father and have read more books – but I’m still the same person. In three weeks’ time my lovely wife, brilliant son and gently spine-broken books will travel with me to Newcastle, Co. Down, where together we shall serve the people of Dundrum, Newcastle and Downpatrick.

And I mean together. Kathryn and I think as one. The way we minister might be different to the way that has been modelled before. We want to live missionally, and encourage God’s people to live missionally – see the red box below all the links on the right hand side of this blog for more. It’s going to be a journey together, an adventure. Who knows what’s to come?

The One who knows gives grace in abundance. We need it. Pray for us.

2 thoughts on “I Guess I’m a Minister Now

  1. God bless you and Kathryn as you continue your journey in ministry. Glad you don’t feel any different from Saturday, as your licensing did not make you a minister… you have been a minister, and a very effective one, for a long, long time… This act simply committed to your leadership in ministry the ministries of the members of the societies under your care… I am sure that God will continue to use you in your particularly thoughtful, gracious and creative way…

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