Weird, weird, weird. Those of you who have been tracking my progress through Edgehill knew this moment had to come at some point (a little earlier than for Jools, who had to abandon his flipflops, poor thing)… The time arrived in July when I put on the clerical shirt and collar in public for the … Read moreCollared!

What is a Church Council?

One of the biggest changes in the way Methodist congregations (or in Church-speak, “societies”) work has been taking place in the last few years. Gone are ‘Leaders’ Meetings’, here now are ‘Church Councils’. Except that in many places, the name has changed but the thinking has not. Methodist Church Councils in Ireland are not (maybe … Read moreWhat is a Church Council?


I’ve been doing some thinking. And here’s the outcome… If I’m to lead one or more congregations in the near future they need to know that they can ask ‘Why’ I want to do something, or don’t want to do something. We need to be purpose-full in all things; being aim-less is less than helpful. … Read moreWhy?