So we’re leaving the EU. I’m not impressed by that decision, but we live in a democracy, and I’ve been disappointed by pretty much every election I’ve participated in since I turned 18. Some initial thoughts: pants. flip. a holiday abroad next year is going to be more expensive. bye bye peace money. are we really a nation of racists? something tells me the NHS isn’t going to get significantly more funding any time soon. we’ll never score in eurovision again.

Now, some more reasoned thoughts: God is still on the throne. He’s a good father, and we are still loved by him. There is still Hope. Europeans are still our friends. I am still Northern Irish. And as far as it is possible for us, we must live at peace with one another.

Living at peace with one another, is the original principle for the EU to exist. It’s our core challenge – to recognise every human being as precious and loved by God, worthy of his and our attention. If this vote makes us more insular and selfish than we already are, then literally, “God help us”. But what if we go into this new era with the attitude of “How can we bless the world?” Ok UK, now it’s time to show what we can contribute.

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