Prayer Works, Keep Praying!

This is a very different post to the one I’ve been dreading writing for the last few days. 
Many of you will have heard over the weekend, the devastating news that we expected our eldest son, Timothy, to be diagnosed today with leukaemia – it was just a question of which type. Since Saturday he had been given fluids, antibiotics and a unit of blood to prepare him for chemotherapy this evening. Those who had heard, assured us of their prayers, even members of staff who quietly noticed him as he quickly became a loved part of the children’s haematology oncology unit at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children. 
But we’re about to bring him home! 
Test results show that either he’s in the process of shaking off some post-viral something, or he’s in the very early stages of leukaemia. He’ll be kept at home for this week, and receive further tests in coming weeks, to see which it is. 
If this is all news to you, please pray protection over his life. If this is good news to you, praise God and keep praying for complete healing. Please pray for Timothy’s blood and bone marrow to return to normal in coming days. 
Timothy is not out of the woods yet. But tonight, our family of six gets to sleep under the one roof for the first time ever (what a great first weekiversary present for Ethan and us all!) and we will have at least the next two weeks to enjoy being all together. Please pray that it’s much, much longer than that. 
If you would like to stay in the loop about Timothy and our family for prayer purposes, we’ve set up a wee e-mailing list – it was becoming difficult to stay in touch with everyone who was asking about him, so we’ll send notes to this list to keep you informed:
PS Thank you to all of you who already were bringing us food, offering support of different sorts, we appreciate it so much! For now we’ll go back to the normal life of caring for a newborn and three boys 🙂 

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