Statues of Liberty

Forgive the Methodisty nature of this one – I was at a day of teaching and reflection on the nature and calling of the church on Saturday. As a denomination (a family of over two hundred congregations), we’re hearing a call to fluidity, relying on our identity in Christ, being ready to set aside yesterday’s dreams (or even false dreams), and to dig new wells for life in this era of transition from modernism to whatever is coming next.

One exercise included a room filled with images. Here’s one that struck me, and the note I wrote about it:

[The note says: The Statue of Liberty is Freedom Concretized. She stands for freedom but is herself frozen in time. How can we as a denomination be set free from all that binds us, to actually be the disciple-making movement that our DNA, history and desire tell us we are?]

Obviously one response to my question is, “just do it” – which in a sense we are. But for the vast majority of people in our churches, I don’t think they know how to make disciples, and may not actually want church-as-they-know-it to change much. We have some ideas, but what about you? Any wisdom to offer? Do you find yourself in a similar, or different, place?

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