Ice Bucket Challenge

As the song goes, I could feel it coming in the air – the friendship noose was coming ever closer as person after person succumbed to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Started as a prank nomination thing on the internet, it took on a charity edge when an American organisation related to Motor Neurone Disease was connected to it. Here in the UK, Macmillan Cancer Support picked up donations quickly, and these are the two most prevalent organisations related to the challenge now. The concept – challenge some friends to have cold water thrown over them: donate a small amount to charity if you do it, donate a larger amount if you chicken out. There are pros and cons to this sort of thing, people will always debate it – but as far as I can see, it simply raises the profile of a charity, raises funds, and gives us a laugh. Nothing wrong with that.

So – the dreaded facebook notification appeared on my phone yesterday morning, and I decided to follow through with the challenge. Here’s the result in a bit better resolution than facebook can manage (the text of the cards is reproduced below in case you can’t read it!).

Ice Bucket Challenge
Text ICE to 70550 to donate £3
Text FINE to 70550 to donate £10

The Ice Bucket Challenge is probably now a cynical plot between Facebook and mobile phone companies, generating extra revenue by silently auto-playing these videos on smartphones and using up everyone’s data allowances.

That said, the causes are worthy. I’ve seen Macmillan nurses at work through personal and professional experience, they really are amazing.

And sure haven’t we always loved throwing cold water over our mums in the summertime?

Therefore I have happily succumbed to the challenge. Thanks John for nominating me, I really appreciate it.

Jesus says anyone who offers a cup of cold water in his name will not lose their reward. So today, the Purpose and Leadership Group of the Methodist Church in Ireland is going to be greatly rewarded…

Go on then. You know you want to!

I nominate:
1 – my mum, Averil
2 – this team’s culture-changing leader, Heather
3 – fellow traveller in missional discipleship, Mark
4 – and it seems my big little brother hasn’t had to do this yet – Steve 🙂

Don’t forget to donate! Lots of Three Quids (or Tenners if you prefer to stay dry) adds up to a lot!

PS Isn’t it nice to see a minister wearing their collar these days? 😉

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