Because Jesus

I penned the following post a few weeks ago (pre-blog-refresh) and popped it on Facebook; it’s published here now for posterity.


As one who prefers that the UK remains part of the EU, the disappointment of the referendum result has been compounded on a monthly basis by the inability of the government and those in opposition to decide on and deliver a withdrawal deal. The fact that Northern Ireland was offered a ‘best of both worlds’ opportunity that our own politicians couldn’t/wouldn’t capitalise upon, adds further insult to injury.

But – my soul is at peace, because Jesus.

We discovered a few days ago that some kind person has duplicated our credit card and spent £900 on a fake amazon account. Thankfully the purchases have been refunded, although it’s not a victimless crime, we all pay the cost of fraud.

But – my soul is at peace, because Jesus.

Our son has been cured from cancer – twice – in the last two years, and the scars, education gaps, isolation and fears of relapse or further illness remain.

But – my soul is at peace, because Jesus.

This orchid has travelled with us over the last number of years. You can see the prettiest part, because that’s what’s nice to share on Facebook. The rest is a mess of dried up roots and yellowing leaves, but it persists in flowering over and over again.

These times of uncertainty, anxiety and illness shall pass, and others will take their place. But new life, vibrant colours and intricate design shall always be nearby.

My soul is at peace, because Jesus.

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