Slip of the Tongue

Gordon Brown made a mistake during Prime Minister’s Questions today. And David Cameron made as much out of it as possible. See what I’m talking about here.

It caught my attention to the point where I sent an e-mail to David Cameron. Here it is:

Dear Mr. Cameron,

While the Prime Minister today made a slip of the tongue with regard to saving the banking system in the UK, your witty response had, to my mind, a little too much sarcasm contained within.

You said, “He is so busy talking about saving the world, he has forgotten about the businesses of this country.”

I would contend that one of your main roles, should you become Prime Minister, will be to play our part in saving the World. Certainly our country has many problems and will face a very tough period shortly, but it is nothing in comparison to the trials currently being faced by the people of Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Israel, Malawi, Argentina and many other nations.

Mr. Brown’s remarks were indeed an amusing gaffe today, and I appreciated the banter between members of the House. But please, in looking out for the disadvantaged in the United Kingdom, remember the poorest of the poor around the World.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Ross Harte.

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