I’ve been doing some thinking. And here’s the outcome… If I’m to lead one or more congregations in the near future they need to know that they can ask ‘Why’ I want to do something, or don’t want to do something. We need to be purpose-full in all things; being aim-less is less than helpful.

So if my practice doesn’t align with that which is expected, both I and the people need to know Why. Including the times when the answer is, “I messed up”.

But in this age of communications technology where we rarely communicate at a deep level, I want to be able to share Why we’re doing things the way we’re doing them, or Why we’re changing things. I want us to spend time together working out the Whys.

When a Why pops into my mind I’ll try blogging it – just in case, in the future, I forget Why I’m doing something at all!

I’ll also begin to label this blog, beginning with any Whys that may have snuck in already!

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