It’s all Greek to me

Ho ho.

Well, it seems like it’s been an awful long time since last I blogged, a holiday and the start of term being the main cause. If you’re interested in the holiday please comment me (if I know you I’ll send you a link to our photos), otherwise you’ll get ‘it was lovely’.

Back to term. A new year, a new course. Probably. I’ve applied to move from the BD to MDiv (same content theology degree, but at Masters level). I’m going to MDiv classes. But I’m still not enrolled as an MDivver. Hopefully that’ll get sorted soon.

Meanwhile, having dispatched Greek last year – successfully, amazing! – I now come to the joys of Hebrew. Ah the delights of yet another new alphabet to learn! I must confess that I think I’m struggling sooner than with the Greek so here’s hoping all will become clear.

>> Mini-rant >> If Queen’s has its way I’m going to have to do the same Greek course all over again next year! Grrrr. But then, I probably won’t remember much so it’ll be reinforced learning. << end rant <<

I’m sure there will be more contemplative ponderings on the Moos at some point, but I thought it was about time I put something here to keep both of you happy. Bye for now!

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