The Dip

It’s already almost a week since Castlewellan Holiday Week ended, and I thought I’d write about ‘The Dip’.

It’s something that has hit me – and I suspect you (all three of you who read this!) – after every encouraging big Christian event that I’ve attended. I remember sitting in my bedroom after a school Christian Union weekend, close to tears, because I was on my own again. Of course, I wasn’t really on my own, I had friends and family very close to hand. But sometimes you can feel lonely in spite of this – the people with whom I had shared an important spiritual moment weren’t there.

It happens after Autumn Souls. It happens after Easter Camps. It even happens after some Methodist Conferences! (I know, I’m weird) … But it also happens after Castlewellan. I have to say that it doesn’t hit me as hard as it used to, mainly I think because Kathryn has also gone through the experience and we can process it together. But it’s still there, this strange feeling of missing people often combined with a paradoxical non-desire to pray or read the Bible.

I just wanted to say, “hang on in there” if you’re experiencing ‘The Dip’. If you’ve felt lonely, and quite likely attacked by the evil one – STAND. I’m pondering Ephesians 6:10-20 at the moment for a sermon next week and it has reminded me that there’s a battle going on, which feels especially fierce when I’m all softened-up after a week of fellowship and God-speakingness. I’m praying on the whole armour of God when I remember in the mornings, inviting God to protect my mind and to help me stand strong.

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  1. mate … wise words … another interesting thing though – it’s not only christian events that do that – you should have seen me for the 12 hours after I got off the plane from my recent ski trip!

    man I was bad!

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