Where Two or Three…

Just like a Belfast bus, you wait for ages and then two posts come along in quick succession!

I came home last night from our small group and thought I ought to talk about it with you. NOT that I’m going to spill my guts out to you (or anyone else’s for that matter!) but just to say how key I think small group fellowship is for a Christian. I honestly don’t know what I would do without the support of people in our church, and especially those more vulnerable moments when we share our hearts with friends.

I would almost go as far as saying that a Christian who isn’t involved in some sort of smaller group of people for fellowship, learning, service and accountability is guaranteed to not be operating at their God-designed best. I say almost because there will be those who God gifts to be able to work – for a period – without such support. But if you don’t know you’re in that position you need to get stuck in!

And then there’s the community aspect – you may not feel the need to be involved, and small groups may grate on you like nothing normal. You may feel the study is too basic. You may not feel a need for support. But what about the other people whose lives are on hold and who need to hear of your experiences to set them free? And who said God had completed your learning process and you now know everything there is to know?

God exists in community and he designed us to live in community, raw, deep, real, at-times-uncomfortable, laugh-and-cry community. It produces authentic ministry.

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