Greek Myth?

I’m sitting in our study/guestroom/dump/nursery re-checking my exam results… I did fine in New Testament and Theology but the real shocker for me was Greek – 72% !!! Now it may have been an easier than normal exam (the class average was 71) but who cares? I got a First in Greek!

All on top of a good week news-wise. Anyone spot the other piece of news?

5 thoughts on “Greek Myth?

  1. Well you were rechecking your results, so that must mean that your eyes are fine and you don’t need that Optomeist’s appointment afterall! Phew! What a weight off your mind!

  2. Ah so now the REAL reason for the negativitiy about Tina’s LJHW! You and Kathryn would have the buy 3 tickets and not just 2!!! Congratulations!! Kari xo

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