Keeping Up With the Blogses

I thought I’d share two cool ways that I’ve been using to keep track of all the blogs that I like to read (seeing as all of a sudden my staple diet of Tina and Jools has grown to a list of over ten!). Here they are:

(1) If you’re using the FireFox browser (and it’s worth giving a try, tabbed browsing is so much more helpful than loads of IE windows), when you go to a blog with RSS enabled you’ll see a little orange square at the right of the address bar. Click it and you can add the ‘feed’ to your bookmarks. Now go to your bookmarks, and it lists the most recent blog entries! Yay!

(2) Get Google with personalised home or My Yahoo. Both let you add the ‘feed’ from the blog of your choice by specifiying the exact address – if it’s a blogspot blog it’s usually the URL of the blog followed by atom.xml (e.g. mine is

There. Some random techie info to make your life simpler and mine with a little less New Testament Ministerial Seminar presentation time.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Up With the Blogses

  1. you lost me when u said fire fox browser…not as technical minded as others. I like your blog…tho u dont update much. you should. xxx

  2. Thanks Nicky – FireFox is a new web browser, like Internet Explorer only better (most of the time!).

    I will endeavour to blog more often!

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