A wee covid rant

I wrote a tweet t’other day that turned into several, and decided to collate them here… Your observations are welcome, as long as we’re civil!

Sifting through some numbers this morning as I think about the huge pressure our local GPs and health service are under… We are FOUR HUNDRED times as likely to die from Covid in this part of the island of Ireland than New Zealand (from Worldometers – https://t.co/fachFcy3fp)

It seems as if early, strong restrictions, including closing international travel, has saved a HUGE number of lives in NZ. I guess a more scattered and compliant population might help too? (though they still have cities) Why are we content to let so many people die unnecessarily?

This is why my family still eats takeaway or outdoors, why only grandparents and nurses have been in our house for 18 months, why we wear masks in shops and church, and why I can count the number of hugs or handshakes I’ve given outside our household on one hand since March 2020.

So, save lives today by getting vaccinated if you haven’t already. Use hand gel frequently. Give people a little space when you’re chatting outdoors. Use a face covering when you’re inside. It’s not onerous, it’s kind.

And maybe, just maybe, we can gather at Christmas without it being a life-endangering activity.

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