Noticing the Grace

I’ve been inspired by these folks (via David’s blog – see right) to be attentive to the notes of Grace displayed throughout Creation during this Advent season.

So let’s begin – on my way home tonight I heard Coldplay’s new single. The first verse is:

Just because I’m losing
Doesn’t mean I’m lost;
Doesn’t mean I’ll stop;
Doesn’t mean I will cross.

It prompted me to think of the people out there who have given up on Church – for one reason or another, valid or excuse, whatever it might be – who might think that they are losing their faith in Jesus. There is grace, there is hope, all is not lost, and God will not stop pursuing, wooing, calling.

I’d like our fellowships to be the sort of places where such people might feel able to come back and be embraced without judgment, to worship and pray warmly, from which to launch out in love.

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