St. Pixels

I just had my first ever virtual worship experience, and it was good!

St. Pixels is an online church that has LIVE worship at various times every day. I attended today’s 2.30pm worship and I have to say it’s an interesting and helpful change to listening to podcasts or even viewing videos of worship. I remember someone emphasising that when in worship, we should ‘participate, not anticipate’. Here I had an opportunity to participate in worship, offer prayers and thanksgiving, even sing along with music.

Kathryn has been enjoying using Scripture Union’s WordLive recently, but I find it difficult to set aside the time to focus when on my own (though I still highly recommend it – the first good attempt at using the capabilities of broadband internet for daily devotions).

An interesting thing about St. Pixels is that it’s a real community – which is the only thing that might put me off in a strange way… I’m not sure whether I’m ready for building new friendships with people I may never meet. But the model could prove very suitable for churches that want to encourage people who are stuck at home but still want to worship with other people.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

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