God’s Rules

We’ve been reading ‘First Bible Stories’ to Timothy and recently got to the paraphrase of Exodus 19-20: The Ten Commandments. I thought I’d post them here because they make so much sense!

God spoke to Moses, and then Moses spoke to the people: “God has given us ten rules that we are to follow. They will help us to live together,” said Moses, “these are the rules…

  1. We must worship only God.
  2. Nothing is to take His place.
  3. We are not to misuse God’s name.
  4. The seventh day is for rest and prayer.
  5. We must respect our mothers and fathers.
  6. We must not kill.
  7. Husbands and wives must keep their love for one another.
  8. No stealing.
  9. No lying.
  10. We must not be jealous of what belongs to other people.”

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