New Laptop

Firstly, thanks to those of you who have sympathised with me over the previous post. Amazing that at least two of you still check my blog every now and again! Although here’s a note to self – anything that’s on the internet is, surprise surprise, public. I did a search on a phrase rattling in my head, wondering where I had heard it. Turns out it was me all along: ‘Jesus-tinted spectacles’ appears on the Internet only twice (three times now presumably), one of which is a post I made ages ago. Yay, I’m on Google!

Anyway, I’m tapping this short note in because we have a new laptop, hurray! But its hard drive just died, boooooooooo. Honestly, used a week and the hard drive failed, not good. But at least we hadn’t put much onto it. Here’s hoping the replacement will last a bit longer. And now I’m researching online backup services, to keep our photos and documents safe in case it happens again. When did you last backup?

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