From Our Knees

From Our Knees is the name of the 24-7prayer project of the Methodist Church in Ireland. The project includes a two-person Team On Mission (Ruth and Hannah, travelling the island to inspire churches towards non-stop prayer) and the Aldersgate Prayer Room, which I think I’ve mentioned before.

And so I mention it again. There is very little chance that I would ever spend an hour in prayer/devotions when at home – there’s always the lure of the computer, TV, music and food. But I was in the Prayer Room this morning for an hour, and it was just lovely. It’s amazing how much better a day can be when I’ve worshipped and prayed near the start of it.

Allow me to recommend that you (a) sign up for an hour or more this week or next; (b) start gossiping the possibilities of running a 24hr prayer room in your own church setting.

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