Strangely Warmed Harte

I just wanted to wish you lovely reader(?s) a very happy Aldersgate Day.

Yes, I know I’m a bit sad in this respect! And I’m not going to elevate John Wesley to some sort of sainthood or divinity! But as a man who tried his best to follow Jesus he offers us an example – some traits worth examining, others best to avoid…

The main thing about Aldersgate Day for me is that it reminds me that Christianity is a religion of the heart. Yes, there are things to learn and know, but unless we feel that God is at work in our lives it can be a pretty dry experience. If today, like me, you feel that you’re not being a particularly good Christian – EXCELLENT! We’re in good company. Good ‘ole JW discovered on this day that there’s nothing we can do to make God love us more: when we are in Christ we can be sure that God has saved us and is saving us, what we do doesn’t count. YES – you’re going to Heaven. YES – you can know life in its completeness now.

Today is a day to receive grace.

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