Keep ‘er lit

So, I have a moment to write about Easter Camp while I wait for a wash to finish and a huge file to download (from if you’re interested in resources)…

First, last year: let’s be honest, God was doing his stuff, but there was a spiritual battle going on that completely drained the leadership team. We were ready for taking a year off. Praise the Lord (I really mean it!), this year was totally different. The time still disappeared amazingly quickly, and yes there were times when I was prompted to offer frank 4am conversations with inconsiderate gentlemen, but the overall effect has been a revitalising one in a spiritual sense. Physically, we’re still knackered! But there was a joy afterwards that was seriously lacking previously. The leadership team was united in purpose and love. Jools was spot on in his times of sharing. And God kept on doing his stuff!

For those lovely readers who aren’t aware of what I’m talking about, Craigmore Youth Club goes away to Castlewellan Castle every Easter for four days. This year there were approximately 65 young people and 35 leaders! It’s an opportunity for building relationships, enjoying each others’ company, getting wet, messy and dressed up, and meeting with God.

Here’s the challenge – and my prayer – that the people who encountered God at Easter Camp will be given the grace to KEEP ‘ER LIT! I’m tired of seeing folks hand their lives over to him one day and take them back the next. I want to see those fine people crying out for fellowship and prayer, desiring to keep walking with their Creator, Redeemer and Friend.

If you’re a praying person please pause for a moment and ask God to provide passionate leaders for a fellowship group that the young people connected to the Youth Club will long to be part of. Thanks.

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