Never Stop Loving

Wow. Just like buses, there’s no post for a few weeks and then two come along at once! Some more random musings for you…

I’ve been a leader of the Youth Club that my church runs for a dozen years now, including two as leader-in-charge with my lovely Kathryn. In that time I’ve seen a lot of young people go through our doors. Some have stayed with us for years, others for a few weeks. We try to get to know all their names and pray for them. We try to do what’s best for them, give them surprises, help create memories and a space for friendship. Most of all, we long to see them meet with Jesus and know Him for themselves.

Which is why occasionally when they reject it all or disrespect us, a momentary thought flashes across my brain – “Smite them all, God!”

It’s probably for the best that I’m not God and that His patience never ends.

So I was thinking, to save myself from getting impatient or angry or hurt, I should leave it all up to them: I do my thing, they accept or reject but in the end it’s their problem, their lives. It was at this point that I realised – if I stop caring about these young people something much more serious will happen: if I stop loving these young people and become numb to save myself pain, I could stop feeling. At all.

I would be a worse person and gradually the lack-of-love would spread into the rest of my life.

Let’s keep praying for the people around us, and when they hurt us let’s remember that God takes our pain and replaces it with joy and peace. He is in control. He is our ‘loving heavenly father’ who never stops loving.

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