Goblet of Fire

Went to see Harry Potter IV… It must have been hard working out how to put such a big book into a few hours, but the bits they missed out were pretty much anything that relieved a tense situation. To be honest, it kind of felt like I was watching The Empire Strikes Back – quite dark and heavy!

Now that’s not to say that HP4 isn’t a good movie – it’s done very well, deals with a range of strong emotions. The visual landscape around Hogwarts is spectacular and I was totally immersed in their world for the whole time. There are God-insights for those who want to spot them, values and situations that reflect both our fallen world and the incredible power of love and loyalty.

But do you know what? I was more moved by a trailer than the whole HP4 film.

And do you know why? It was Aslan’s roar.

I am so looking forward to The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe!

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