I love Autumn Soul

I’m sitting at the desk in the Edgehill Library, finishing off some preparation for the weekend – in thirty minutes’ time, Kathryn will collect me and we’ll go to sunny (?!) Bangor for Autumn Soul.

It’s the tenth AS, and for the first nine the band that has become Soul Purpose led worship. Last year we began the handover to the next generation, and this year we’re playing one session as a ‘farewell’. I had to retire from the AS Organising Group (I was the longest serving member) because of Edgehill. I’m no longer a ‘core’ youth leader in my church (because of Edgehill).

I could have spent this weekend relaxing and watching the West Wing.

But I love Autumn Soul.

God does cool things at it. Young people come expecting to meet with Him and He meets their expectations, in fact exceeds them. Some of my most memorable worship moments have happened at Autumn Soul. So this year, I’m going to Bangor to pray. I know I’m only a few weeks into blogging, and let’s face it most blogs don’t get read by many people, but if you’re reading this now, will you pray with me for Autumn Soul? Thanks.

Prayer points for AS: http://www.irishmethodist.org/dycw/soul/as/prayer.htm
The Autumn Soul website: http://www.soulzone.org

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  1. Aww I miss Autumn Soul already and it hasn’t even started yet! But I can’t wait to hear about all the mighty things God does this weekend. I will be praying for it! Xxx

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