Five Things You May Not Know About Me…

Jools tagged me, and after I forced him to change my e-mail address in his contacts list (he’s been using my old work address, which I officially abandoned 18 months ago but still check occasionally because old habits die hard) I now bring you ‘Five Things You May Not Know About Me And Will Probably Be Really Happy To Know Now’…

(1) I, too, have a Brown’s Bay horror story. Our family (count six people) were in the one car on our way to Brown’s Bay for a family picnic one Sunday in 1990 when a man driving the other way couldn’t find his windscreen wipers button and drove straight into us instead of taking a corner. I spent a couple of nights in Moyle hospital (before A&E left) and now sport a lovely scar from above my left eye up into my forehead. Look next time, and you’ll see it’s true – just don’t stare!

(2) I enjoy singing parts in hymns – this comes from my time in the school choir, when we sang in various lovely places including a week in the summer at Westminster Abbey.

(3) I have failed three exams in my life: Torts (Negligence Law – I mustn’t have paid enough attention); Financial Accounting (things just didn’t add up); and Piano Grade 5. Actually, I failed that Piano exam twice so that really makes a total of four.

(4) I have a mild nut allergy. Mild, but not insensitive – I can detect a plate of peanuts at a party as soon as I walk into the room and will prefer not to talk to people who have nuts on their breath. So now you know how to avoid conversation with Ross!

(5) The worship band that I lead (Soul Purpose) is going to play at the reception of one of our singers (Lynsey) in the Spring. So we’ll be laying aside the normal repertoire and instead picking up a bit of Brown-Eyed Girl, You’re Beautiful, and Build Me Up Buttercup. Fun!

And Lo, he chose Mister Spence to go next.

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