Invite, Welcome, Befriend

You may have heard of ‘Back to Church Sunday‘ – it started in England about ten years ago, encouraging local churches to have one Sunday a year where every member had the chance to be an evangelist in a low-intensity manner: invite a friend to go to church with them. There was an initial flurry … Read moreInvite, Welcome, Befriend


By the time I left college I had heard quite a lot about ‘abiding’. There’s a strong emphasis on spiritual formation in Methodist ministerial training,the sense being that you can always read a book about something to learn more facts, but if you aren’t abiding ‘in Christ’ your ministry is going to be fruitless. I … Read moreAbiding


It appears I have been neglecting t’blog, which just won’t do. I haven’t stopped pondering, so why the slowdown in posting I hear you ask? Probably in the main it’s due to Twitter – why bother you with a blog post of a few sentences when 140 characters will do the job? So if you’re … Read moreCatchup