A Word for Ballynahinch Methodist Church

This morning, our local church expressed their thanks for our ministry amongst them over the last five years. It’s a bit of a weird transition – I’ve been on compassionate leave since Christmas, and the lovely Ruth Craig has been the minister since July, but we still live in Ballynahinch and consider the Methodist Church … Read moreA Word for Ballynahinch Methodist Church


I just signed a few petitions and sent a letter to our MP regarding the mounting crisis facing people attempting to escape war, persecution and poverty in their own countries, by travelling to Europe. What if every church in the UK and Ireland took in just one family? Here’s the letter:————————————— Dear Mr Shannon, My … Read moreRefugees

Invite, Welcome, Befriend

You may have heard of ‘Back to Church Sunday‘ – it started in England about ten years ago, encouraging local churches to have one Sunday a year where every member had the chance to be an evangelist in a low-intensity manner: invite a friend to go to church with them. There was an initial flurry … Read moreInvite, Welcome, Befriend

The Body of Christ

I’ve been doing some random thinking (for a change?) on one small area of the church, prompted by several conversations with friends and family and some recent experiences… Feel free to disagree with me, I’m not out to make anyone feel guilty! It’s not particularly coherent, maybe you can help refine my ponderings? —————————————————- When … Read moreThe Body of Christ